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The thing about water.

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

When we get a call about water damage, it can either be a situation that happened that same day or a situation that happened months ago. In either case, we can help! Here’s why, water will saturate all the areas that it touches, leaving stains, bubbles and other visible factors. Our technicians are trained to point out where water has traveled. They can detect moisture by using a moisture meter and by recognizing water damage. All materials are built differently and our technicians know where to look for possible water damage. For example, water can get trapped in baseboards and that could lead to terrible consequences. Water can also get trapped in between the paint and drywall which then causes water bubbles. Water stains are usually a sign of a slow leak that has been happening for an extended period. When water saturates a carpet, the water will slowly make its way under and damage the subfloor. These are the subtle and major signs of water damage, and our technicians can identify the damages whether it happened that same day or months later.

Storms in Southern California

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

Here in Southern California, we have the luxury of not having to worry about certain natural disasters such as tornadoes or extreme storms. We experience warm weather most of the year with a mild winter. The most severe stormy weather that we’ll see in this area is rain, mild winds, mild flooding, and the occasional hail. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t prepared or experienced with storms. Our team has been in various storm situations outside of Southern California. One example is when Texas had extreme cold weather that caused frozen pipes to burst and flood homes. Our team helped with the disaster recovery along with many other SERVPRO locations. This goes to show that our team is ready for any storm situation even if it is outside of the state.

Oven Fire In Condo

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

Recently, there was a three story condo that experienced a fire due to the oven catching fire. This resulted in the kitchen walls, ceilings, and floors being damaged by fire. The whole kitchen was also covered in smoke/soot as well as residue from extinguishers. The smoke from the fire traveled throughout the whole condo leaving all rooms with smoke, soot, and a smokey smell. The wood flooring of the condo was also stained with soot and ashes that was spread from foot traffic. This calls for restoration of the kitchen, the flooring throughout the whole condo, walls and ceilings affected by soot, and affected belongings. It is crazy to think that a three story condo needs essentially a whole makeover from an oven fire.

Small Fires Can have Big Effects

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

We have encountered many fire jobs that don’t necessarily burn the whole house down or seem to cause major damage. Although it might seem like there isn’t major damage, small fires can have major effects. For example, we inspected a home that experienced a fire caused by a dryer. The fire was contained to one room and there were significant damages to the ceiling and walls. Although it seems like the damages are limited to that room, pretty much the whole house was affected. This is mainly due to the smoke from the fire. The smoke went throughout all the rooms in the house and left all the walls and ceilings with a smoke smell. That smell must be removed either by using chemicals and cleaning or removing the walls and replacing them. Not only are the walls affected but also furniture, clothing, and other items in the home. This would call for a content cleaning and that would be a whole process. Not only is the smell from smoke a problem but so is soot. This is residue that is left from smoke that sticks to services that is hard to remove and can stain. All this work from a small dryer fire.

What Needs to be done before Commercial Jobs

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial jobs can be different from residential jobs for a number of reasons. Commercial jobs usually involve larger spaces and more people can be involved. This calls for more thorough game planning. They are also located in properties that are owned by another party such as a property management firm. Before any work gets started, we must get in touch with the business owner, property manager, insurance, and maintenance director to figure out who is responsible for the damages and how the job will be paid. Since commercial jobs are usually businesses, it is important to limit the downtime or to figure out a way to work around obstacles so business functions can continue. Commercial offices can oftentimes be connected to other businesses so it is also important to know all affected parties. After all this is figured out, we can start the job.

Rainy Days

12/21/2021 (Permalink)

The second week of December saw lots of rain. This is usually an inconvenience for most people but to us it can be convenient. This is because when there is heavy rain, there are more homes that are affected by water damage. Especially since we are in an area that doesn’t get much rain, many homes are not prepared for the sudden heavy rain and storms that occur. This leads to a sudden increase in water damage jobs. It is also important to know that we aren’t happy that your home is being damaged. We are glad to be able to assist you and restore your home to get rid of any inconvenience. This is also an opportunity for us to educate our customers of water damage and how they can avoid it in the future.

COVID Cleanings

12/15/2021 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Monrovia/El Monte we specialize in restoration and reconstruction services. We also offer other services that some may not know about. Ever since COVID started, there has been a high demand for cleaning and disinfecting services for obvious reasons. SERVPRO offers COVID cleaning and disinfection services. Many commercial businesses use this service to disinfect their office spaces whenever an employee tests positive. We recently had to disinfect an office space by spraying disinfectant all around the office and by doing a thorough cleaning. An employee had tested positive for COVID and was in the office while they had the virus. Our technicians also use PPE to protect themselves from the virus while they go in to disinfect. COVID is a serious issue and we are glad we can help out our community this way.

Types of Storm Damage

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

There are different types of damage caused by storms. The main ones are hail, lightning, and flooding. Hail from storms can vary in size and speed. They can be as big as softballs and reach speeds of 100mph. Normally hail won’t get that big but can still cause damage by smashing holes in roofs and windows.  Lightning can strike properties causing lots of damage and can make them structurally unsound. Flooding can fill homes up with water causing extensive damage to floors, walls, and contents. Flooding can also bring in debris from outdoors into your home and that will create a huge mess. Our team here at SERVPRO can help with all of these damages and we can make sure that your property is in good hands. 

Fire Facts

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

Fires can be very devastating disasters especially if they occur in your home. Here are some house fire facts to give you some insight and knowledge. In a five year period, house fires caused over 2,600 deaths and nearly $7billion in property damage. The top causes of fires in homes are cooking, heating equipment, and electrical malfunctions. It can take as little as 30 seconds for a small flame to turn into a major fire. On average, over 350,000 homes experience a structural fire each year. More than 3,000 Americans die in fires each year and at least one child dies from a fire every day. Hopefully these facts will let you know just how serious fires can be and you can take steps to avoid them.

Obstacles In Commercial Jobs

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Jobs involve lots of game planning and coordination for a number of reasons. Commercial jobs can require that a business suspend business functions which will result in some downtime. This isn’t always the case as a business will try to avoid that. That's where we develop a game plan so the business can work around the affected area. This can include moving desks and workstations to another location so functions can continue while our team does the restoration work. Another thing that can make a commercial job more lengthy is the space of the property. Some commercial properties can be large buildings or warehouses that will involve more manpower, equipment, and time. That is why it is important that our team coordinates these type of jobs very carefully.