Recent Before & After Photos

Fire in the bathroom

There was a fire in the bathroom of this home. There was an electrical fire in the air duct and set the ceiling on fire. The home owners didn't realize that the... READ MORE

Warehouse flooding

This commercial warehouse experienced a lake of flooding inside their building. The flooding came from a broken pipe and burst in the middle of night while no o... READ MORE

Brrr it's cold outside

Chicago is known for their storms. Especially the snow storms. This house experienced some major water damage during a snow storm. The pipe in the laundry room ... READ MORE

Fire in a home

Here at SERVPRO of El Monte we understand how awful fire damage is. There are a lot of emotions that happen after your home is affected by flames. There are man... READ MORE

Save the kitchen

Mold was discovered in this kitchen after a leak was found under the kitchen sink. The homeowners called us right away and we came in to assess the situation. W... READ MORE

Carpet Restoration

This carpet had a leak that was damaged by water. The carpet itself was glued on which made the damage not as severe. The water had leaked over into the walls. ... READ MORE

Bathroom breaks

The tile, the sink and the wall had to come off after a washing machine leaked. The water leaked onto the floor which then made its way down the wall of the bat... READ MORE

a failed Sump Pump

This basement was hit with a major leak from its sump pump. The home owner called us as soon as he noticed the all the water coming from his basement. This happ... READ MORE

Mold under Kitchen Appliance in El Monte

The dishwashing machine in this El Monte family's home had set the scene for mold to begin growing. A little moisture leaking out onto the floor and the mold wa... READ MORE

Water Leaking Through Ceiling in El Monte,CA

This bathroom had a leaking pipe in the ceiling above the toilet. The homeowners noticed it starting to drip on the floor and immediately contacted SERVPRO of E... READ MORE