Recent Before & After Photos

Mold under Kitchen Appliance in El Monte

The dishwashing machine in this El Monte family's home had set the scene for mold to begin growing. A little moisture leaking out onto the floor and the mold wa... READ MORE

Water Leaking Through Ceiling in El Monte,CA

This bathroom had a leaking pipe in the ceiling above the toilet. The homeowners noticed it starting to drip on the floor and immediately contacted SERVPRO of E... READ MORE

Mold, Mold, Lo and Behold!

This mold was discovered behind some tile next to the home's fireplace. We performed our mold remediation service and made sure all known mold was safely remove... READ MORE

Leaking Pipe Damage in El Monte, CA

This home in El Monte, CA suffered a large amount of water damage due to a leaking pipe. The leak had caused water to spread throughout the house. It damaged ne... READ MORE

Water Damage Inside El Monte Home

This wood floor in El Monte, CA is just part of the damage caused from a water leak. Notice the water in this second story room has not only gone under the wood... READ MORE

Winter Freeze

This family’s Massachusetts home suffered serious damage after a recent winter storm. Thankfully we were able to help them and several other Massachusetts... READ MORE