Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire

This fire started in the kitchen of this home. The home owners were trying a new recipe and underestimated the flames that were pouring out of a sauce pan. They... READ MORE

Burned Classroom

A school in our community experienced some serious fire damage and we were there to help. The scene of a fire is sometimes overwhelming, the smell, the chard ma... READ MORE

Brand New

In these before and after pictures, our crew has been hard at work after the garage had caught on fire causing massive damages to this home. Our technicians had... READ MORE

Asbestos Testing

When we're called for a water damage, we have to find the source of the damage first. We search for areas with high concentrated water damage and cut a hole to ... READ MORE

Garage Door Damage

We got a call about a car accident... at first we were unsure as to why we were getting a call about a car accident. After asking a few more questions we realiz... READ MORE

Hurricane Mess

This Texas business suffered serious damage after Hurricane Harvey. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of El Monte and we were able to help them and several other T... READ MORE

Saving the Medical Facility

This medical facility experienced a leak coming from their bathroom. It happened overnight while no one was in the building. They discovered the wet carpet and ... READ MORE

Affected Business

There's a great place in Pasadena, CA that makes science fun! It's a place where kids go to learn all the awesome things that science has to offer! Unfortunatel... READ MORE

Flooding is no joke

Iowa experienced a heavy rain fall and we were there to catch all the water falling from the sky. We extracted so much water from this home that we could have a... READ MORE

A wooden cabin in the woods

This unique cabin had some major flooding. We drove real deep into the woods to help this home out. We loved this house and knew it had to be restored with care... READ MORE